Does your business need a customized application from scratch?

Do you need a software solution with high performance and high scalability?

Contact DGLSIS, a company specialized in building of web aplications using the most modern and reliable frameworks available in the digital technology market.

How DGL can help your business ?

We are specialists in the following areas:
  • Software customization: take advantage of the best open source apps
  • Agile Development: fast development with high quality and constant deliveries
  • Devops: Continuous integration, continuous delivery with software automation
  • Microservices: stable and scalable solutions, easy to maintain
  • Linux Containers: simpler, more scalable, more reliable and faster
  • Site Reliability Engineering SRE: your ecosystem under control

System Integration

Experts in Moodle & DSpace



DGL has just become a member of the Amazon AWS startup acceleration program